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Raine's Clinic

Raine Kooger was a BFM Board Director and a dear friend. Her passion to serve others was contagious, and she loved exercising her nursing skills overseas. She had a beautiful warm smile all the time, spoke tender caring words, and allowed her heart to explode the love of Jesus to everyone around her.

Raine came with us to Malawi on a number of occasions to donate her time and skills wherever she could. There was never a shortage of patients to administer care to, and she worked tirelessly every day.

A few months before she passed away, Raine told us she would like to focus her time overseas in Malawi, and expressed a desire to "have a suitable space to work from". Her desire was to provide free services from a clinic-style building to local Malawians who did not have access to and could not afford quality primary medical care. She also wanted to work alongside local nurses, having the opportunity to share and exchange nursing techniques. With the Board's approval, on his next trip to Malawi in early 2019, Darcy started searching for the right place for Raine's vision to be set in motion. 

With a few possibilities in hand, online discussions started and excitement grew. Plans were being made to travel to Malawi with Raine in May or June to make some decisions going forward. 

Sadly, it wasn't going to happen this way. Raine passed away on April 6, 2019, while Darcy was on his return trip to Canada, before being able to share the possibilities with her.

However, Raine's family knew how important her vision was to her, and an agreement was made to partner with BFM to see it to fruition.

And now here we are! Through the TREMENDOUS SUPPORT AND GENEROSITY of Raine's family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, patients and others her story has inspired, the BIG FIRST STEP of this project is complete - purchase of secured land and the construction of the facility.

We are currently working on the next phase of this project.

Below you’ll find an outline of our primary fundraising focuses, all of which are essential to a successful project launch. More details are coming soon.

  • connection of electricity supply

  • furnishings for exam rooms, waiting room, reception & staff room

  • appliances for staff & laundry

  • medical waste disposal containers

  • medical & pharmaceutical supplies

  • staff wages

We hope you take this opportunity to support our vision, and are greatly appreciative of any contribution you can make.

Please indicate your contribution is designated to 

Raine's Clinic

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