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Although the Malawi government recognizes the connection between the important foundation which early childhood education provides, and the degree of accomplishment students will achieve in their education later on, it does not provide financial support to establish and run these programs.

Instead, they encourage the communities to independently set up local pre-schools, but without any authoritative support.

As a result, pre-schools are often set up without any funds or supplies, in unsuitable buildings (some of which are potentially unsafe for children), and on a volunteer basis where educators mostly work free of charge.

Unfortunately, some of these pre-schools are prone to becoming unsustainable, leaving many children without access to that important foundation. 

ChinnyK classroom.jpg

BFM Village Schools

Located in Chinkhotankhwazi Village

Built by Blazing Faith Ministries

in partnership with the local villagers

Our objective is to FULLY support our schools, providing FREE education to the village children, giving them equal opportunity to build a learning foundation


  • Established in 2013

  • Provides basic English, reading, writing and mathematical skills

  • Current total enrollment is 170 children (they don't attend all at once on a given day)

  • Employs 1 FT pre-school teacher, and 1 FT teacher's aide

    • combined teacher salaries = $209/month

    • school supplies = $41/month

The building also serves as the village church on Sundays, and a town hall for Village Council meetings

One desk seats 2 students
cost of one desk = $65

Grade 1-2 Classrooms & amenities

  • Construction project: 2019 - present

  • being set up in accordance with Malawi District Education Division requirements

  • Classroom building and student toilet structures are completed​

  • Teacher's house - in progress

  • Grade 1-2 teacher will be provided and compensated by the Malawi Ministry of Education

  • We currently have 80 students waiting to be registered for Grades 1-2.


  • Malawi District Education Division will approve the opening of this school and provide a teacher when the desks are acquired and the Teacher's house is completed.

Cost per student to reach school opening = $112.24

Your donation, together with those of our other supporters, brings us ever closer to our goals.

Teacher's house building cost = $6150

Provision of a Teacher's house in a rural setting is an attractive offer when looking to secure and retain a quality educator. As teacher salaries in Malawi are meager, teachers who live in town are open to moving to a rural area where accommodations are provided as it helps to save on rental and transportation costs.

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